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E-commerce is the ability to buy and sell products or services over the Internet. The amount of e-commerce activity has grown rapidly over the last few years to the extent that a large proportion of businesses see e-commerce as their major revenue stream. Some businesses have embraced e-commerce to such a degree that they just operate online without having any physical retail outlets.

Credit card in a trolly symbolising E-commerce

E-commerce solutions vary depending upon your business needs and objectives. We work with you to design and plan the solution that best fits your business and we provide advice and assistance on how to prepare other parts of your business for the implementation of e-commerce activity. The main elements making up an e-commerce solution can be some or all of the following:-

  • Shopping cart - System allowing users to select products and services they wish to purchase.
  • Product catalogue - System to manage and display the products and services for sale.
  • Order processing - System to manage ordering and dispatching of products to the customer.
  • Payment system - Secure payment system for goods and services, including credit card transactions.

Medusa can provide all the resources, development and advice to deliver e-commerce solutions that fit well with your business as well as following industry security and compliance.

To speak to one of our technical advisors please call +44 (0)1603 727732, or email

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