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Medusa develops high quality applications that are robust, maintainable, scalable and secure. These characteristics result in increased business performance, return on investment and enable our clients to focus on other business activities.

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One crucial factor in determining the level of operational effectiveness is the way businesses use and manage their information. Historically, information has been stored in files, spreadsheets and electronic documents which mean retrieving and using the information takes time and can be costly.

Folders stacked on top of each other representing data that could be put into a database

Databases are an important technology which is used by most businesses today. They provide a solution to information management and use, due to their ability to organise, process and manage information in a structured and controlled manner.

Databases are structured collections of data and information that are held in software systems. These systems are indexed and allow for fast searching, reporting and manipulation of the data they hold. These systems have a variety of business benefits, some of which are listed below:-

  • Data is stored and managed together in one location.
  • Information is more accessible and retrievable.
  • Multiple users can access and update the data at the same time.
  • Data security and access controls can be used.
  • Reduced data entry, storage, and retrieval costs compared to paper methods.
  • Data can be exported and integrated in to other systems.
  • Data backups can easily be created.
  • Integration with IT systems.
  • Better data consistency.

Here at Medusa we have a diverse experience of designing and developing databases. We specialise in joining disconnected silos of information across your business into effective database systems. We can enable your databases to connect to other web systems, adding greater value to your web proposition. Furthermore we have the knowledge to expose your data as services for integration by other businesses, thus increasing your audience and revenue base.

To speak to one of our technical advisors please call +44 (0)1603 727732, or email

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