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Medusa develops high quality applications that are robust, maintainable, scalable and secure. These characteristics result in increased business performance, return on investment and enable our clients to focus on other business activities.

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Software automation is the implementation and use of software control systems to schedule and perform business tasks and reduce the need for human intervention. Automation is not just about increasing your business productivity and reducing costs but also for increasing the quality and flexibility of your system.

There are many ways where software automation could be implemented in your business to provide you with the benefits. Common tasks that are good candidates for automation include:

Clock key symbolising automation
  • Data entry and formatting.
  • Processing Transfer and replication of data.
  • Batch processing
  • Exporting of data from one system into another e.g. Excel.
  • Testing, checking and QA processes.
  • Performing scheduled tasks.
  • Monitoring systems and processes.
  • Tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive or labour intensive.
  • Collaborations and integrations between businesses, departments and staff.

Software automation helps businesses streamline their systems, processes, workflows, data, people and organisation to operate more effectively. The main benefits of software automation to your business are:

  • Reduction in costs savings in terms of time and money.
  • Increase in business productivity.
  • Increase in service/system reliability.
  • Increase in service/system quality. This is particularly so with compliance and security.
  • Reduction in human error.
  • Re-distribution of business resources.

Medusa can provide all the resources, development and advice to deliver solutions that can improve your operational effectiveness and thus increase your business performance.

To speak to one of our technical advisors please call +44 (0)1603 727732, or email

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