Solving your business problems

We can help solve your business problems

We have a wealth of experience in IT consultancy and support services that can help advise you on your business issue. We work with businesses at all levels to help them realise their business goals and objectives
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Increasing your business productivity and revenue

We can can increase your business productivity and revenue

We create solutions and websites that maximise the revenue potential from the web. Our solutions increase business effectiveness, performance and Return on Investment (ROI)
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Reducing your business risk

Reducing your business risk

Developing websites is an unregulated industry and all types of people are offering website services. We provide upfront advice and consultancy along with full specifications and proposals.
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Making your IT more environmentally friendly

We can make your IT more environmentally friendly

The processes, practices and strategies we employ at Medusa means our software production is more efficient and creates less carbon emmissions. We provide solutions and advise companies on how to make their IT, software and hardware 'greener' Find out more on how we can help you

Reducing your IT and business costs

We can reduce your IT and business costs

Businesses are always looking at ways to cut back on their spending and maximise their return on investment. Our solutions help cut costs and improve business efficiency
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  • Solving your business problems
  • Increasing your business productivity and revenue
  • Reducing your business risk
  • Making your IT more environmentally friendly
  • Reducing your IT and business costs

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Helping You

With the economic climate as it is, businesses are undertaking a number of activities to stabilise their financial position. Firstly most are reducing their costs and spend dramatically. Secondly, businesses are looking to protect their client base and revenue streams. Thirdly, businesses are also looking for ways to improve and optimise their business operations and productivity.

We can help your business by advising where you can maximise your IT spend and potentially get the most Return on Investment (ROI). We can advise on what 'quick wins' can be done to help towards revenue generation/protection.

The areas of greatest demand from businesses are:

Here at Medusa we understand how to communicate in business terms and recognise what goes into the decision making process.

  • What should I spend my money on?
  • What are the costs to the business?
  • What Return on Investment can I expect?
  • What are the business risks?
  • How do I get the most out of my money?
  • What are the business benefits?

When discussing IT solutions with you we will always give you an experienced view on the costs, risks and benefits so you are able to make informed decisions.

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Solving your business problems

We see the same business problems occurring across many different companies irrespective of what business sector they fall in. Below are typical business problems we encounter:

  • ''I am spending a lot of money on IT but don't feel I am getting value for money.''
  • ''I would like to be able to do that but that looks a lot of money.''
  • ''Our IT systems keep failing and we are spending a lot of time and money fixing the problems but it doesn't seem to get any better.''
  • ''I have IT staff that does that but I don't know what would happen to my business if they left or were run over by a bus.''
  • ''I am spending some much time doing the same task; there must be a way to get the computer to do it instead.''
  • ''I have no IT staff, I am not IT literate. I have a lot of hassle with dealing with different IT companies.''
  • ''I have a website and I want to be at the top of Google.''
  • ''When I ask for a change to my website (or application) I am told it can't be done, it's too expensive or it takes too long.''
  • ''I want to add content to my website but have to keep sending the content to someone to do it instead.''

All the above are what we encounter on a day to day basis. We can advise you on how to solve the problem and provide a solution that best fits your business.

To speak to one of our technical advisors please call +44 (0)1603 727732, or email

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